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Chris Steinbach, Editor of The Muscatine Journal, praises Alan Guebert’s assessment

Chris Steinbach, Editor of The Muscatine Journal, praises Alan Guebert’s assessment of our current political landscape while encouraging readers to cast their ballots on Election Day.
“In a column today on page 1C, syndicated columnist Alan Guebert says we have the government we deserve. ‘We handed off our responsibilities for neighbors, communities and the nation to a class of […]

Source: Muscatine Journal

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Beef Checkoff CEO Resigns

“Recent documents from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association reveal a wide-ranging rift over possible reforms and changes to the checkoff. Columnist Alan Guebert highlighted those problems last month, and posted related documents on his website.”

Source: US Food Policy Blog

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Organic Farmers Don’t Follow ‘Get Big’ Mantra

“On the same page of The Pantagraph, Alan Guebert refutes this claim in his column, “First of all, we need to feed ourselves.”

Source: The Pantagraph

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A Farm Columnist Highlights Our Growing Debt

“What Alan Guebert highlighted is that there are no plans to cut the national debt. What we’re really writing about are mere attempts to slow the rocket of national debt now blasting skyward to the moon and beyond.”

Source: DTN

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Ag Columnist Alan Guebert Receives SDFU Farm & Ranch News Award

“Freelance agriculture columnist Alan Guebert was awarded the Farm & Ranch News Award from the South Dakota Farmers Union on Friday, February 11, during the organization’s 96th annual state convention held in Aberdeen, S.D. Each year South Dakota Farmers Union gives the Farm & Ranch News Award to a member of the media who tells […]

Source: South Dakota Farmers Union

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Lincoln Journal Star editorial “Better food labels needed”

“As agriculture columnist Alan Guebert asserted in a Jan. 30 column, the labels designed by leading food companies, including ConAgra of Omaha, are more of a marketing scheme than a traditional food label. The food company’s “Nutrition Keys” are a fairly obvious attempt to co-opt and derail the FDA proposal for mandatory guidelines.”

Source: Journal Star

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Tufts University Globalization and Sustainable Development Newsletter

“Syndicated farm belt columnist Alan Guebert interviewed Timothy A. Wise about his policy brief with Betsy Rakocy, “Hogging the Gains from Trade”. The piece was picked up by several farm-oriented publications, including the Fort Wayne Sentinel which published the piece “Level the playing field of trade? Just look out.“

Source: Tufts University

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Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy interviews Alan Guebert

In this Radio Sustain episode, Alan and others discuss the effects of corporate influence on meat and poultry markets on U.S. farmers and ranchers, and how newly proposed U.S. Department of Agriculture legislation changes the rules of the game.

Source: IATP

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“Cattlemen’s group represents very few”

“Alan Guebert provided a clear explanation of the claims in the NCBA’s ad in his column in the Nov. 7Pantagraph: ‘Meatpackers say hallelujah with or without facts.’ The take-home conclusion for me: Don’t trust the NCBA’s claims.  The ad also contains a 35-word convoluted ‘sentence’ beginning with ‘Nearly 150’ and ending in ‘actions. chose not […]

Source: The Pantagraph

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