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Tufts University Globalization and Sustainable Development Newsletter

“Syndicated farm belt columnist Alan Guebert interviewed Timothy A. Wise about his policy brief with Betsy Rakocy, “Hogging the Gains from Trade”. The piece was picked up by several farm-oriented publications, including the Fort Wayne Sentinel which published the piece “Level the playing field of trade? Just look out.“

Source: Tufts University

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Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy interviews Alan Guebert

In this Radio Sustain episode, Alan and others discuss the effects of corporate influence on meat and poultry markets on U.S. farmers and ranchers, and how newly proposed U.S. Department of Agriculture legislation changes the rules of the game.

Source: IATP

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“Cattlemen’s group represents very few”

“Alan Guebert provided a clear explanation of the claims in the NCBA’s ad in his column in the Nov. 7Pantagraph: ‘Meatpackers say hallelujah with or without facts.’ The take-home conclusion for me: Don’t trust the NCBA’s claims.  The ad also contains a 35-word convoluted ‘sentence’ beginning with ‘Nearly 150’ and ending in ‘actions. chose not […]

Source: The Pantagraph

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