Supporting Documents for Farm and Food File, January 15, 2023

Background information for “Any new Farm Bill must navigate the unruly 2023 House GOP–again”

Farm and Food File for the week beginning Sunday, January 15, 2023

About Mary Miller, U.S. House portal

How Illinois’ delegation voted for Speaker: AP, Jan. 6, 2023

Review of the Farm Bill, Views of SNAP, Center for Budget Priorities, June 2022

New Farm Bill needs both parties, IL AgriNews, Jan. 6, 2023


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One Comment on “Supporting Documents for Farm and Food File, January 15, 2023

  1. Landowners For Eminent Domain in SD want to THANK YOU for a wonderful spot on editorial on Summit at the heart of The Great Carbon Boondoggle. Sad day in America when big BIG money can buy politicians—politics and buy laws to line their greedy pockets. Thank you.

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